Bangkok Musings after May 10 elections.

#DearPDiggy #PresidentDuterte

If there is one thing I noticed about Bangkok, it’s the abundance of clean street food at prices the majority can afford. Everywhere you turned in BKK, there were noodles, barbecues, rice plates, as well as hipster coffee trucks appealing to every market segment. It was hot, fresh, and available at any time. (#thatswhatshesaid). Not only that, the vendors also were honest, professional, and prosperous. The elitista part of me mistook a vendor for a customer for many an occasion.

#DearPDiggy If you can bridge the social divide and make street hawking a respectable trade in which a vendor can live a decent living and beyond, I’m on board. But I’m sure you know, that not only do we need laws and discipline in Manila to make it a reality, but we need a paradigm shift where the middle classes would choose these options over fast food and poverty does not define the common man’s palate (cup noodles should not be cheaper than a real meal – TAX THAT).

Here’s hoping that I see Manila street food as the next big thing in travel magazines and not something to avoid because of Hepa B.

3 thoughts on “Bangkok Musings after May 10 elections.

  • I wonder if the recent “street market” places (Banchetto, Mercato, etc.) are a step in the right direction (street food) or the wrong one (usually the moneyed who patronize these places).

  • I could say the same thing about Chiang Mai. There’s an entire street filled with hawkers a stone’s throw away from my serviced apartment, outside the tourist/city center. There’s also a vendor who sells nothing but rice and spices. She seems to make a decent income from it.

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