Ponderings of the Day: Elections and the Internet

Should online journalism go by the same standards and ethics as traditional press? Should citizen journalists and bloggers also be required to go through the same schooling and certification as genuine journalism graduates? Should current real world Philippine legal rules and penalties apply to the online blog community should these ethics be broken?

Considering all the disinformation, hate speech, and troll recruitment we experienced the last election, should we re-examine this place called cyberspace? It’s no doubt that half of the information read, shared and believed these last few months would never see the light of day in traditional print form.

Let’s get real. Online information now dominates our daily physical experiences. It dictates to us where we should go, what we should eat, what to read, what to wear, who to follow, and what to believe. Have we discarded the printed word and gave cyberspace the sole power to inform about what goes on around us? Have we given the internet the right to build as well as to destroy?

And all done swiftly without leaving a trace of physical evidence in this world…

So who is watching this place? Do we control the internet or does it control us?

These issues are all out there but yet it’s also right here in front of you.

Think about it.

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