Siquijor on My Mind.


Dear Fellow Filipinos: Consider this as a public announcement.

Do not go to Siquijor.

This mystical island known for mystical healers and witches also has deep forests, rushing waterfalls, lonely stretches of beach, hundred year old churches and ancient Banyan trees. The island is hardly developed and not easy to access. There are no direct flights from Manila and there’s no fast food joints, no malls, hardly any wifi nor cellphone reception, and no jeepneys. Transport of choice is moped, habal-habal (motorcycle sidecar), bicycle, or gasp – walking!

Siquijor only offers unspoiled nature, heritage architecture, and mystical traditions. I’m pretty sure you’ll be disappointed. So don’t go. There are other places you can go in the Philippines to do karaoke, litter, and clog traffic. If  you do any of that on the island, I assure you that you will be made kulam.

So once again, Fellow Filipino tourists – don’t go to Siquijor. It’s only for the brave. Or for those who know how to pick up their own litter and respect local traditions.

Thank you.

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