My Unsolicited Kvetch: Fort Santiago

Sigh. I had high hopes for the Fort Santiago renovations. It may be the shock of the new or the fact that I’m a curmudgeon, but I’m totally nonplussed. The new flooring is too “hard”, too “flat”, too “new”, and the patterns/material choices don’t seem appropriate for Intramuros’ history. Grey flat granite diamonds? Since when? The new center fountain – with water spouting from holes in the floor, makes Fort Santiago feel like a Singapore mall (No offense to SG malls). The absence of the palms (moved to the riverside – not chopped) make the park feel hotter than usual, and the masonry… Beige slate? Oh no no no. Intramuros is all about BRICK, Adobe, and rough hewn Piedra China. Beige slate is for Greenbelt 5. But not to be a total hater, on the plus side, I do like the walkway in the center (you can see the Fort Santiago from the entrance now) & there’s grass where once was an asphalt road. My only wishes are that more trees are planted in the middle plaza area, the frangipani trees stay where they are, that a fountain is added that is in keeping with the old world charm of Intramuros, and that the black and gold wrought iron gate donated by Chito Madrigal finally gets repaired. Sigh. Sorry. Rant over. I really didn’t wanna bitch but I had to. I truly hope something can be done about this. It’s so easy to fix these little issues I have. My meeting with TIEZA and Intramuros Administration will hopefully address these issues.


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