The Filipino is Worth Whatever he Thinks He’s Worth


This was my ride home. The Filipino is worth driving for said James Deakin. That probably goes for motorcycling for, pedicabbing for, kalesa riding for, and swimming through baha for as well. This city is terminally ill. If our roads were arteries, Manila would be in the midst of a stroke as we speak. Each private car a cholesterol molecule with the MMDA acting as an enabler with a plate of lechon. But as I said yesterday, the problem is not the fault of the government anymore. It’s ours. We simply and overwhelmingly choose this situation each and every time. We prefer being the center of the problem. We prefer being driven. Ever since the Tranvias were blown up in WW2, we’ve given up on the idea of a public transport network. We love cars and the ease and individuality associated with it. We love the aircon, we love being dropped from point A to the doorstep of point B, and this goes for all social classes. Even the jeepney panders to their passengers. Right now, I’m on Zombie Apocalypse mode. I’m gonna hitch hike, walk in the rain, or use a motorcycle driver named Mac to take me home from work instead of using a car. Yes I used a helmet. Yes the LTFRB would probably consider this tandem as illegal. But I used a helmet, I don’t give him money for the journey, and I advised him to drive as slow as a lola on a Sunday morning. Let’s work it, fellow Filipinos. What’s your most desperate public transportation moment and what did you do to solve it yourself?

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